The Rules and Ship's Regs

The Starship Sagitta sim is rated 3-3-3 (TV-MA or NC-17) and does not take players which are below the age of eighteen (18).

To allow our players to write a reasonable fullness of the Human experience- good and bad- we have chosen to allow descriptive nudity and depictions of sexual acts, as well as scenes of violence, or offensive language which include cursing and vulgar epithets possible in a war setting in the Star Trek universe.

Be Kind: Tag and Summarize

When a post contains any of these aspects, please give it the 18+ tag in the tags below the post, and supply a summary in the provided space so players uncomfortable with some topics are able to get any important details.

Offensive Language

The Star Trek franchise has a split within it about vulgarities and language. Although Humankind has evolved beyond prejudices within itself, it does still battle prejudice. An ideal has not been fully realized. But we have very little to go on in regards to what curse words still exist. Very few have been used on-screen- even in the more adult Star Trek Discovery series.

Because Sagitta has a "3" rating in Language, any and all of these are on the table as usable. Dirty talk, cursing tirades, etc. are all fine- but remember that we are playing professionals in a society that values enlightened philosophies- even if not everyone measures up every time. They don't go off and string together a bunch of curses at their superior officers (or really each other) and not expect brig time.

The "Still Not Okays"

Do not use any modern (or archaic) racial, sexual orientation/identity or gender epithets that we have on Earth. Those are still off the table.

Sex and Nudity

Under the "3" Rating for Nudity and Sex, most topics and writing is on the table. On a ship of some 350 personnel, personal space is at a premium. Privacy is hard to come by and nudity in the common showers, lockers and the like is common.

Players may depict sex and nudity to whatever conclusion they feel is appropriate for a scene. But the Sagitta game is NOT for porn or smut. While nudity is hard to avoid in close quarters, save the gratuitous description for when it matters. The same goes for sex.

Rank Still Matters

Remember that we are depicting persons in Starfleet and it has rules regarding sex and relationships between superior officers and their subordinates. Any relationships are supposed to be disclosed to the XO so he can make sure no preferential treatment takes place. Having said that- people do mess up.

Still Don't: "The Baywatch Effect"

In any ordinary scene not meant to be sexually charged, don't gratuitously describe body parts, sweat, movement, etc. If characters are jogging to their stations for Red Alert, we don't need to read about heaving breasts, etc.

Still Don't: Blow-by-Blow Smut

Descriptions and scenes of sex are fine, as are any topics of sex- but don't drop into smut. If sex scenes have no purpose beyond sex, and is the sole topic of the post then keep it for Google Docs.

Still Don't: Sexual Violence and Sex with Minors

Any depictions of rape, non-consensual sex or sexual contact with young characters will be immediately removed.

Drugs, Alcohol and Addiction

The GMs are choosing to have a "3" Rating here to, again, fully allow for the realistic and sometimes grim effects that substances have on the Human body.

Drugs and alcohol are seldom an issue in the 24th Century- at least on the Core Worlds, or Federation-established planets. But dystopias do exist. We know tobacco and alcohol are prevalent.

If you choose to playing an addict or recovering addict of alcohol or drugs, please do a bit of research.

The Supply Problem

One thing to please keep in mind is that whatever substance a character prefers, the resources for it will be extremely finite. Many of these substances- especially drugs- are banned from replication without authorization.


Drug use in particular is still illegal in Starfleet- alcohol is tolerated, but not on duty. But alcoholism and drug addiction functionally damage a person's ability to carry out their duties- and they can either temporarily or permanently cost a character their position. And addiction withdrawal is a painful, traumatizing, and sometimes dangerous affair that may require the aid of medical personnel.

Be Prepared to Be Real

If you want to depict drug and alcohol use and addiction, be prepared to play through the whole arc: through scarcity and eventually forced withdrawal, and then being a dry addict, along with potential (likely) discovery and rehab.

Gore and Violence

With a "3" Rating most topics- most- are available to the writer. Although the Sagitta's story is one based during an extended conflict with the Cardassian Union, the initial plan for this Sim is that it will not be especially violent. Still, the option is there- when needed.

Mindful of Triggers

Scenes of gore and torture need to be noted AT THE TOP of the post. Please make an effort to give our fellow writers a bit of a warning if things are going to get grim.

Still No: Sexual Violence

Please, no depictions of sexual assault or rape. Such posts will be removed.

Addressing Rape: Past or Present

Rape is such a deeply personal trauma that the Mods have decided... just no. No. Please do not use it in your character's pasts, don't inflict it on their present beings. It is so difficult to get right in writing without offending or triggering others who may feel differently. And it will evoke such strong emotions on all sides, from our roleplaying experience. So we are taking the step of "No." It is a powerful, awful Human facet of our darkest nature- too dark for our Sim.