Lieutenant JG Molly MacHale

Name Molly Marie MacHale

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


  • 20 Mission Posts

Last Post

15 Feb 2022 @ 7:12pm

Character Information

Preferred Name Molly
Sex Female
Gender Female (She/Her/Hers)
Species Human
Date of Birth April 10, 2316
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9''
Weight 190
Hair Mousy Brown
Eye Color Chocolate
Physical Description Molly is on the tall side of things, but not so much that she stands out of the “average” height category. Her hair is typically stick straight and you will rarely catch her with it down. Her go to hairstyle is space buns, with an occasional stylus stuck through one or both. Unlike many officers, Molly does only what is required to meet the physical minimums to be in Starfleet. As such she has soft curves and is a little stockier around the middle than an average officer. Her favorite features are her smile and her ankles. She has a predilection for eyeglasses although she doesn’t need them. Most of the time, if you find her wearing them, they are purely for fashion and you’ll find that they are only frames without lenses.


Partner(s) None
Offspring None
Parent(s) Margaret MacHale
Parent(s) George MacHale
Sibling(s) Morgan (35)
Myra (35)
Geoffrey (33)
Gregory (28)
Gilbert (24)
Extended Family The MacHale family is from the Northern English region of the world. Molly’s grandparents on both sides and several aunts, uncles, and cousins, all live in that area.
Important People Molly’s best friend while growing up was Asher (Ash) Brown. They went to school together, were each other’s date to several events (so as to avoid being asked by anyone else), and for all rights and purposes treat each other as brother and sister. Though many speculated that they would end up together they never have. Asher is an engineer, also in Starfleet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Molly MacHale is a self-described book dragon. She’ll tell you this with glee using the term “wyrm” and then giggle at her own joke even as many folks may not get the play on words. She adores words, histories, and stories. Her particular personal interest tends toward mythologies of ancient civilizations, but for Starfleet she functions within the science department as an Anthropologist/Data Analyst -- taking in information about cultures that her assigned ship encounters and cataloging it for reports back to Starfleet that will be used to inform strategic, political, and aid efforts.
Strengths Molly has an incredible memory. Although it isn’t photographic she can remember things people say down to the tone of their voice. This is a helpful skill in her job as she’s able to parse meaning and recall details that she may only have fleeting access to.

In general she is a very open and friendly person. She can come off as incredibly disarming.

Although she is not a linguist she has a knack for languages which can come in handy.
Weaknesses Molly gets easily excited about new information. Sometimes this excitement flows out at inappropriate times or comes off as an inability to take a circumstance seriously.

Molly is more comfortable around characters in books than she is around real people. She fancies herself a heroine in one of her books, but in real life is much less confident navigating personal interactions.

When she is comfortable she has a habit of sharing too much information. Think “Fun Fact!” and a random fact about the evolution of the Cardassian political system that has nothing to do with what is going on at the moment.

She has a particular soft spot for sweet things, particularly baked goods and candies.
Hobbies & Interests Molly collects actual, physical, books. Her favorites are high fantasy stories and mythologies from various cultures. Give her an origin myth and she’ll happily hole up on a couch or in bed for hours until it’s fully consumed.

Molly enjoys what might be referred to as geek chic. So she has a few different pairs of plastic glasses frames and, when off duty, may be caught wearing funky earrings.


Birthplace Durham, UK, Earth
Personal History Molly is the third daughter in a family of 8. Her parents, Margaret and George MacHale always wanted a large family and had settled not far from their own parents in County Durham. Molly grew up on the outskirts of the city, living just outside on a small farmette surrounded by English countryside, and in the company of a small collection of animals along with her 5 siblings. From a young age she was caught up in the romanticism of hero stories, and was regularly found with her nose buried in her PADD, a fantasy story of some sort filling her hours. When she got older she began to collect physical books and has a few favorites including a leather bound copy of The Lord of the Rings and an illustrated copy of the Welsh Mabinogen. When she graduated high school she began to look for opportunities to study cultures outside of Earth. She studied anthropology at Durham University and eventually joined Starfleet for the opportunity to research and record cultures from all over the galaxy. The Sagitta is her second posting.

Service Record

Authorization Code MacHale-Upsilon-4-2
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Freshman (2337 - 2338)
Starfleet Academy - Sophomore (2338 - 2339)
Starfleet Academy - Junior (2339 - 2340)
Starfleet Academy - Senior (2340 - 2341)
USS Yaris - Science Officer - Cultural Data Analyst (2341 - 2345)
USS Sagitta - Science Officer - Anthropologist (2345 - Present)