Lieutenant JG T'Varis

Name T'Varis

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Preferred Name T'Varis; Vari to close friends, though gaining that close friendship is difficult
Sex Female
Gender Female (She/Her/Hers)
Species Vulcan
Date of Birth December 21, 2317
Age 29 Terran years

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75 M; (5:8, old Earth measure)
Weight 62.37 KG; (137.5 lbs, old Earth measure)
Hair Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Though slender of build, T’Varis has significant musculature, both as a Vulcan, and because of her being a hand-to-hand combat specialist. Taller than some, T’Varis does everything to avoid bringing attention to herself. Highly dedicated, even beyond the norms of Starfleet and the usual Vulcan officers, she keeps her hair back in a severe bun. However, when off-duty, she does let it down, much preferring to have her hair flow free.


Partner(s) Alexandra (Alex) Daniels; chef from Earth
Offspring None, though both T'Varis and Alex would like children at some point
Parent(s) Father, V’Shel (deceased); mother, T’Arhoc
Sibling(s) T'Irin; elder sister
Extended Family Saekun; brother-in-law, husband to T'Irin--they are expecting twins in 2348
V'Lan; paternal grandfather--respected diplomat and Vulcan civil servant
Important People Tessa Williams--best friend and ex-girlfriend

Personality & Traits

General Overview Unusually emotional—for a Vulcan—T’Varis has been criticized by Vulcans in the past for displays. While possessing traits developed during her acetic youth with her mother, T’Varis is incredibly sensitive, especially emotionally. She chose Engineering—with a Security minor—in Starfleet because she felt it fit her skills best, though if she had had more courage, she may have gone for counseling.

Fiercely loyal and protective, T’Varis is sometimes likely to exhaust herself trying to protect the ship. However, if pushed too far, she can shut down for a time.

She has unusually strong telepathic and melding abilities—yet another result of her early life. She usually keeps these abilities under wraps, although they have been known to manifest themselves during romantic relationships.

T’Varis craves friendship, but often feels alone. This is, partially, a result of her upbringing, and her feeling of being outside the norm for Vulcans. She knows her place within the ship and Starfleet, but still struggles.
Strengths High technical abilities
Genuinely wants to get to know her subordinates' abilities
Weaknesses Sometimes single-minded
Holds others to high standards until she gets to know them
Somewhat socially awkward
Hobbies & Interests T'Varis has an interest in antiquities, particularly paper books. She also enjoys music, though her sister is the much better musician of the pair. In the past decade, T'Varis has grown to enjoy cooking and some athletic pursuits, notably marathon and other long-distance running.


Birthplace Ri’’ungsh’la, V’Shel Province, Vulcan
Personal History T’Varis’s parents were a fairly conventional Vulcan couple, with one daughter—T’Irin—before T’Varis’s birth. T’Arhoc was a Vulcan priestess, and V’Shel was an artisan of particular skill. However, his untimely death just weeks before the birth of T’Varis caused T’Arhoc deep distress. Taking T’Irin and the as yet unborn T’Varis to a remote village, T’Arhoc carved out a life of strict religious observances for both her children, including asceticism and strict rituals and adherence to logic.

Once T'Varis reached adulthood--2335--she left her mother's house for good. (T'Irin had left four years previously, and T'Varis joined her at their paternal grandfather's home). V'Lan was a respected civil servant within the Vulcan government, having served as Vulcan Consul in Geneva on Earth from 2161 to 2182. He helped both sisters get on their feet, both financially and socially. He introduced T'Irin to her husband, Saekun--V'Shel's last apprentice--and helped T'Varis secure her place at Starfleet Academy shortly after T'Irin's wedding.

Entering the Academy in 2336, T'Varis found herself adrift and having difficulty acclimatizing to Earth. Fortunately, she received unexpected help in the form of her roommate, Tessa Williams. The pair soon became fast friends, and Tessa even introduced T'Varis to the woman who would become her wife--ironically, while T'Varis and Tessa were on a date of their own. (This is a source of amusement to all three of them, to varying degrees). T'Varis graduated in 2340 with honors, and was posted to the U.S.S. Trieste.

Serving in Security for a year, T'Varis proved herself a capable officer. However, she was not entirely happy with the position, and after being the only survivor of a planeteray survey team in 2341, she transferred to Engineering. This is where she really shined, quickly earning praise and even a commendation for her skills in troubleshooting the then new isolinear circuitry. Early 2342 saw T'Varis undergo two major events; first, she married Alexandra Daniels, a chef from Earth whom Tessa had introduced her to. She also received a promotion to Lieutenant, (J.G.), after exemplary service in saving the lives of half-a-dozen crew--including the Trieste's executive officer--during an attack by Nausican pirates.

T'Varis stayed on the Trieste until 2347, at which point she transferred to the U.S.S. Sagitta, wanting more opportunities.

Service Record

Authorization Code T'Varis-Omega-Eight-Four
Service Record 2317: Born, Vulcan.
2336: Enters Starfleet Academy.
2340: Graduates Starfleet Academy, with honors; posted to U.S.S. Trieste; rank, Ensign in Security.
2341: Only survivor of planetary survey team; transfer to engineering, U.S.S. Trieste, Rank Ensign.
2341: Commendation for assistance in installation of isolinear circuitry; see attached documentation.
2342: Marries Alexandra Daniels, Terran citizen.
2342: Promoted to Lieutenant, (J.G); commendation for exceptional service in the saving of six Trieste crewman, including Executive Officer Byrd; see attached documentation.
2344: Promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Trieste, Rank Lieutenant, (J.G).
2347: Transfers to U.S.S. Sagitta.