Lieutenant Jirin Ra-Havatreii MD

Name Jirin Ra-Havatreii MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Preferred Name Rin
Sex Male
Gender Male (He/Him/His)
Species Efrosian
Date of Birth 23 January 2315
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6’1”
Weight 194 lbs
Hair Blonde
Eye Color Pale Blue-Grey
Physical Description Jirin is a tall Efrosian man with pale flaxen hair. Like most Efrosians, he wears his hair down to his shoulders but while on duty wears it tied up in a bun. He wears a short trimmed beard the same colour as his hair and has pale blue-grey eyes. In keeping with his rural upbringing, Jirin likes to stay active and has a lean, muscular build. He speaks with a quiet and measured voice.

Though deteriorating eyesight is inherent to his species, with most Efrosians losing their sight by middle age, Jirin undergoes treatment to stimulate his optical pathways every few years to stave off the worst effects of the condition.


Parent(s) Mother: Avela Ye-Havatreii [d. 2337]

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally introspective and quiet, Jirin is very much at home with himself and enjoys his own company. He also enjoys the company of others and is a very curious person, always eager to listen to others’ stories and learn about their lives and their cultures. Jirin also enjoys sharing his own culture with others, but like most Efrosians, his faith is extremely personal and he rarely talks about it.
Strengths Kind, congenial and inquisitive. Jirin gets along with most people and is always open to hearing other points of view. He has a strong work ethic and is determined to find a solution to a problem if he believes he can.
Weaknesses Can seem somewhat distant or overly mysterious at times. He is very risk-averse and will rarely take a course of action that he has not properly thought through, sometimes to his own detriment. This can also slow down his decision-making process at times as he likes to be in position of all the facts before he makes a choice.
Hobbies & Interests Jirin enjoys reading about other cultures and philosophies. He plays the Efrosian zither with decent skill and enjoys singing traditional storytelling songs from his culture.


Birthplace Efros Delta
Personal History Jirin Ra-Havatreii was born into the Havatreii tribe in the rural mountain regions of Efros Delta in 2315 to Avela Ye-Havatreii. Raised in an area of the world where most Efrosian tribes still held closely to the traditions of their people, Jirin never met his biological father. Like most traditional Efrosian families, the mother is the primary parent and raises her children in a community of other mothers while the men rarely play any role in parenting.

For Jirin, memories of his childhood are mostly happy. He has fond recollections of growing up among the community and having many tribe-siblings to play with and learn from as a child. As he started growing older, he began spending more time with the men of the tribe and was taught the ways of their religion and how to understand nature. One of his most prominent childhood memories is that of the priest who tended his broken arm after he fell down a ravine. The tribal priests used a combination of traditional medicine and technology to treat injuries and Jirin remembers being mesmerized at the stories the priest told him of the outworlders who brought the technology to Efros Delta.

Living in the rural mountainous regions, Jirin didn’t know much about the outside world, nevermind anything else beyond his planet. Modern technology was limited, and then only used when necessary. The harsh conditions of the mountains and frequent snowstorms meant that few offworlders ever passed through their land; even visitors from the cities were rare. Many of the older adults in the tribe still consider reading unnecessary, preferring to pass on information through the old aural traditions of the bards.

When Jirin was taught to read, along with the other children, a whole new world of possibilities was opened up to him and he wanted to learn more about the rest of his world. As a teenager, he finally got the chance to travel to the cities with a group from his tribe and he saw for the first time how technology was able to make life easier by providing comforts he scarcely knew existed. Still, he felt it came at the price of letting go of the old ways and the traditions his tribe held dear, as many of the city folk seemed to have done.

While on a tour of the cities, Jirin and his group met a Starfleet recruiter who taught them more about what the Federation stood for and what it meant to join Starfleet. For many of his peers, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to escape a stifling life in the rural mountains when they came of age. For Jirin, it was a scary proposition and even though he was curious about the Federation he could think of nothing worse at that time than leaving his home and his planet for good.

Returning to the mountains, he decided to forget about the outside world and dedicated himself to his culture and his religion. Having just turned sixteen, he was old enough to take the first step of the Three Paths, an apprenticeship which would determine his adeptness for one of the three traditional paths: the Path of the Warrior, for wardens and hunters; the Path of the Priest, for healers and philosophers; and the Path of the Bard, for teachers and storytellers. For the next three years, Jirin apprenticed with a warrior, a priest and a bard in his tribe, being taught the importance of each of these roles in society and having his skills tested to see which role would fit him best, learning the basics of each as he went along.

Though he made a promising warrior and an adequate bard, he began to discover that his skills were best suited to that of a priest. He had an appreciation for culture, cultivated his faith, had an inquiring mind and a knack for healing. When he turned nineteen in 2334, he was accepted to the National College of Medicine where he would study for the next four years to earn his medical degree and healer’s license. The nearest campus of the college was located in the city, which meant he had to relocate.

For Jirin, this was a big step and he did not enjoy life in the city at first. He wasn’t alone, however, and soon made friends with students from other tribes who were also unaccustomed to city life. Despite his fondness for rural life, he soon found himself adjusting to the city. He began to realise it was necessary for his own growth; priests were relied on not only for their religious knowledge and healing skills, but also their wisdom and philosophical insights. The more Jirin experienced other ways of life besides his own, the more he understood and respected different points of view and his own traditions.

The death of his mother in 2337 had a profound effect on him and Jirin found himself questioning many aspects of his life for the first time. Nearing the end of his studies, he began to feel that he wasn’t in the right frame of mind to continue on his path to becoming a priest. Upon graduation, he decided to postpone taking vows and instead decided to apply to Starfleet Academy. Jirin felt he needed a change in his life, something that would take him out of his comfort zone and force him to see life in a new way, and he believed joining Starfleet was just the thing for that.

Service Record

Authorization Code Ra-Havatreii-Alpha-5-7
Service Record 2338 - Joined Starfleet Academy.
2342 - Graduated Starfleet Academy. Assigned to the USS Reykjavik as Medical Officer.
2343 - Transferred to USS Lionheart.
2347 - Promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Sagitta.