Lieutenant JG Decan

Name Decan PsyD

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG


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09 Feb 2022 @ 4:37pm

Character Information

Preferred Name Decan
Sex Male
Gender Male (He/Him/His)
Species Vulcan
Date of Birth 4th Day of Yerit
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 177LBS
Hair Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Decan is by most accounts an ‘attractive’ looking Vulcanoid. He keeps himself physically fit and active, but that’s largely for the purposes of his own health. He doesn’t otherwise make much of a big deal about his outward appearance, there are other more important things to tend to. Despite his upbringing, Decan has been known to exhibit something that resembles a smirk which can make him mysterious looking to some.


Parent(s) Temok (Father)
Parent(s) T’Pous (Mother)
Extended Family Remok (Paternal Uncle)
S'Ranya (First Paternal Foremother)

Valeris (Maternal Aunt)
Tek (Maternal Uncle)
Sel (Maternal Cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Decan is a consummate scientist by training. He thinks things through rationally, logically, and without a lot of team-think or circular thinking. He is always fascinated by new discoveries, and favours spending time with colleagues in deep, thought-provoking discussion.

He believes that healing the mind is the beginning of all healing.
Strengths Decan is a fantastic researcher, and is very organized. He prides himself on his ability to listen to people before formulating a response.
Weaknesses Emotional supression, pickiness with food, somewhat of a perfectionist.
Hobbies & Interests Decan is a trained musician, specifically the Klingon Battle Horn.He has been in practice since he was quite young. He also thoroughly enjoys games of skill and strategy, like Kal-toh.

Decan often spend his evenings reading. He alternates between non-fiction works from varying cultures, and medical/psycology journals.


Birthplace ShiKahr, Vulcan
Personal History Decan was born on Vulcan, in the city of ShiKahr. As a child, he grew up exploring the wildlife preserve that was a short walk from his family’s dwelling. Both of his parents were biologists, and he spent a large amount of his time with them in differing biospheres studying everything involving animal life, and other things he was able to wrap his young mind around. His parents elected not to enrol him in nursery school, believing the real life experience he received in observing their work was better for broadening his mind.

Before too long, Decan was enrolled at ShiKahr’s Learning Center. There he spent his days being tested in the skill domes and lectured by the city’s top scholars. When he reached his teens Decan was moved to a higher learning facility where he would decide his career path and plan his educational steps to reach that goal. He weighed several options and eventually decided on a career in Starfleet, specifically in the Counselling field. Decan wanted a well rounded education before Starfleet so he first finished a degree in psychology at the Vulcan Science Academy and then applied to the Denobulan Institute of Medical Studies where he was accepted.

Moving to Denobula was a true change of pace for Decan. The entire Denobulan population is condensed to one single continent. Despite being crowded compared to what he was used to, Decan was pleased with his studies. He completed his psychology degree with an good grade. He was by no means at the top of his class, but he was well above a grade he would find acceptable.

With his formal schooling finished, Decan applied for internships while also applying to Starfleet. He began an internship at the Kaybin Public Health Center on Denobula while he awaited an interview date for Starfleet. While at the center, Decan was called for an interview with Starfleet .

Following his interview, Decan was put through the Direct Entry Officer program given his degree. He spent a year completing a Starfleet familiarization program before he was commissioned and assigned to the USS Halifax.

The Halifax was a wonderful entry to Starfleet for Decan as the Newton Class was a small ship with a small crew. He served as a Counselor. As a junior officer in the Department, he found his superiors mentorship useful and informative. Helping him to navigate his career path further.

After three years Decan was reassigned to a much larger ship, USS Toronto. There he served a Counselor as well, but was keen to take on as much extra as he could. He took on the additional administrative duties to assist the Chief Counselor. He continued on the Toronto for 3 years as she set out on a mission that took them to the other side of Klingon controlled space. The ship took on many anthropological and scientific missions,which made the time pass by with ease.

Service Record

Authorization Code Decan- Kappa-Three-Three
Service Record USS Halifax, Counselor

USS Toronto, Counselor

USS Sagitta, Counselor