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The Pre-Meeting

Posted on 28 Jan 2022 @ 8:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Tiberius Grayson & Lieutenant Malekai Howe & Lieutenant Jirin Ra-Havatreii MD & Lieutenant JG Decan

Mission: Assignment II: The Layover
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD 1 1300

Tiberius Grayson had a very eventful and productive morning. He stood before a Judge Advocate General Tribunal. He survived it along with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. He held on the name but the insignia wasn't on his clasp. Not yet. Admiral Corrigan had given him several orders chief among them to get the Sagitta crew together and appoint a first officer. He had done that and now it came to assembling the senior staff. Amongst those named in present positions not a lot of them had much experience.... including himself. He knew that they were all up for the task.

He heard the door chime, "Enter." He was surprised to see Lieutenant Junior Grade Decan, the ship's counsellor being one of the first of the three to arrive. He stood to his feet, "Lieutenant. I'm glad you're among one of the first to arrive to our meeting before the senior staff meeting." He gestured over to the small circular table with four chairs around it in the corner of the Ready Room with a viewscreen on the wall next to it, "Please have a seat. Can I get you a hot drink?"

The Vulcan nodded curtly and moved into the room. He rounded the table to find a suitable seat. "If you are able to manage a cup of Pleemok broth I would not object." He said, pulling out a chair and seating himself. His day too had been eventful, and so the broth would serve as a substitute for his mid-day meal.

Tiberius pressed the comm button on his panel on his desk, "A cup of Pleemok broth for the Counselor, please Yeoman and a mug of coffee, black for myself." He lifted his finger and walked over to the table, "Could you please provide me an update on the overall morale of the crew?" The Commander pulled the seat out and sat across from the Lieutenant. The two men had met briefly during their first day onboard if he recalled.

Decan cocked his head slightly to the right. "Overall, morale seems to be rising to an agreeable level sir. I have made it known that the counseling services are available outside of scheduled reviews, should any member of the crew require them."

Tiberius nodded, he had appreciated that this had already been in the works and felt slightly foolish to bring it up, "And... And I would like to start scheduling sessions for myself, Counselor. I should have done it a lot sooner."

"I was going to suggest the same." The Vulcan said plainly. "It sets an example for the crew."

"Of course, Counsellor. Please advise me when we can sit down for a session," Tiberius nodded and the door chime sounded, "Enter"

Doctor Jirin Ra-Havatreii stepped into the CO's ready room and nodded to the two men. "Commander Grayson, Lieutenant Decan... good afternoon," he greeted them both.

"Doctor." The Vulcan said with a curt nod towards the Efrosian.

"Greetings Doctor," Tiberius gestured over to one of the empty seats at the circular table that they were presently sitting at, "Please have a seat."

The Yeoman had stepped into the Ready Room behind the Doctor shortly thereafter with a cup of Pleemok broth for the Ship's Counselor and a karafe of coffee along with creme, milk and sugar with several clean mugs. He brought them over to the table, he set the cup in front of the Counsellor and then the karafe along with the mugs in the middle of the table in reach for anyone who sat down. He looked over to the Efrosian Doctor, "Can I get you anything?"

"The coffee smells quite delicious," Jirin commented as he eyed the karafe and reached for a cup. "I'll have some of that, thank you."

Tiberius reached over, grabbing himself one of the cups and poured himself a coffee.

The chime at the door signaled another. Inside stepped the black-eyed, temporary First Officer. Malekai Howe sidled into the room before the doors had entirely opened. Malekai was a creature of punctuality- if less than a Vulcan’s precision, still edging towards it. His hands behind him in a clasp, he nodded at the two already in the room.

“Captain, Doctor, Counselor.”

Decan offered a curt nod to the new arrival.

"Lieutenant," Jirin returned the greeting, glancing at Howe and flashing a brief smile as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Lieutenant Howe, welcome. Have a seat," Tiberius gestured to the seat, "You're dismissed Yeoman."

The Yeoman nodded and left the Ready Room.

Malekai took the seat offered to him, folding hands on a knee, and knees crossed.

Tiberius took a sip of the coffee, "I thought this would be a good meeting to start standardizing mental health initiatives from both a Counselling and Medical perspective onboard the Sagitta following Picton IV. I want to know all three of your thoughts in laying out initiatives and what that would look like "

Decan clutched the cup of broth with both hands. "As I said before sir, I have made it know that services are available outside of scheduled assessments. But I had also considered offering group sessions, which may help to stop any crew from feeling they are alone in their feelings."

"With our current protocols, Counselor Decan will refer crew to me if he believes medical assistance is required or can be beneficial," Jirin added, folding his hands in front of him on the table. "Conversely, I will refer crew to him if I believe counseling will be beneficial to their medical treatment, and have done so in a few cases already. I see no reason yet to adjust that protocol. There has been a slight rise in cases where crew have requested a mild sedative or have reported trouble sleeping. I believe it's important to remind the crew that these treatments are available, should they be needed. Additionally, I feel that we should remind the crew that rest, relaxation and recreation are still important as it will help to reduce their stress levels."

Decan lifted his cup to his lips as Jirin spoke. He took a sip of the broth and placed it back on the table. “Absolutely correct Doctor. Perhaps it would be prudent to organize some recreational activities.” He said, nodding reservedly.

"Decan," Tiberius looked over the table at the Counsellor, "how do you think the crew would react to mandatory medical evaluations for all crew? Starting from the top including myself? And would this help both Medical and Counselling?"

"Mandatory evaluations may send the wrong message in my professional opinion." Decan sat forward slightly. "We must not dictate how people mourn, or deal with their feelings. I would continue to encourage anyone who thinks they might benefit from speaking to a counsellor to do so, and any Department leads can refer their subordinates if they believe they need it. Otherwise it must be voluntary."

"It might be worth it to update the crew's physical evaluations," Jirin added after a moment's thought. "There are a number of personnel who have deferred their physicals for some reason or another, most of them valid. But given we are now at war, it would be prudent to make sure the crew is in fighting shape. It would give them an opportunity to air any concerns they may have and for me to recommend they see Counselor Decan, if necessary."

"I do agree with Doctor Ra-Havatrelli that we should be assessing the crew's physical health," Tiberius repeated, "For at least the first few days let's have it voluntarily with an exception for the senior staff. I'll happily be the first to undergo a physical. Howe, I would like for you to look into amenities and recreational time for the crew onboard while we are at port at Starbase 129. I also want to see if there's any possibility in improving our amenities aboard that will help with crew. I am certain that Mister Decan can assist with that. That being said, you're all dismissed as I'm certain that the others are waiting for us in the Conference Room."

Decan nodded and stood. He quickly picked up his mug and moved towards the door.

"I'll hold you to that, Commander Grayson," Jirin said with a wink, referring to the commander's physical, as he stood up and followed the rest of the officers to the conference room.


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