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For The Times Ahead: A Briefing

Posted on 09 Feb 2022 @ 4:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Tiberius Grayson & Lieutenant Malekai Howe & Lieutenant Jirin Ra-Havatreii MD & Lieutenant JG Decan & Lieutenant JG T'Varis & Lieutenant JG Molly MacHale

Mission: Assignment II: The Layover
Location: U.S.S. Sagitta, Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD 1, 13:30

T'Varis, unusually, was the first to arrive for the senior staff briefing. Entering Sagitta's conference lounge, she took a moment to... Savor--yes, that was the human word for it... To savor the view. The space was both functional and rather beautiful, although that beauty stemmed mostly from the bank of viewports that enabled one to look out on the stars. At the moment, of course, there was a large portion of the starbase visible, and what might be the curving hull or nacelle of another Federation starship. Somewhat nervously, she took a seat, waiting for other members of the staff to arrive; darkly, she thought of the cost that had enabled most of them to assume their current positions.

Molly arrived second, a few minutes after the Vulcan engineer. She stood just inside the doorway of the conference room for a long moment taking it in. Picturing faces who should be in these seats. Her face scrunched for just a moment before she pulled herself together and came to sit next to T'Varis. "Hi," she said quietly, offering the other woman a small nervous smile.

"Hello... How are you doing, Molly?"

Twenty different words to answer the question posed swam through Molly's mind in the space of a second and not one came out of her mouth. "I don't know, truthfully," she answered hesitantly. "Still reeling a bit, I think. You?"

"About the same..." T'Varis took a sip of coffee. "We will get through this, however, I have no doubt."

Decan entered the Observation Lounge, his hands still clutching his mug of broth. He took a seat and nodded to those already assembled.

T'Varis gave the other Vulcan a quizzical look. "Lunch on the run?" she asked him, with a dry, very Vulcan amusement behind her words.

Raising an eyebrow Decan said. "Indeed." and took a sip of his broth.

"Not much for conversation, friendly or otherwise, mmm?" was T'Varis's whispered words to Molly.

When the doors hushed open next, a thin blond man issued inside with a quick determination. "Thank you all for your attendance," Malekai began with a nod, "The Captain should be with us momentarily." His hands having been behind his back, Malekai clutched a PADD and now studied it briefly.

Tiberius and Jirin entered the Briefing Room together, "Greetings everyone." He walked over to the screen and picked up a PADD, "You're called here today because you're all senior members of your departments. As of now, you're all department heads, effective immediately as of this moment if I haven't already spoken with you earlier."

T'Varis quirked an eyebrow at the pronouncement, but felt it was a logical decision--why else call them here? Still, she noticed that some of the department heads looked incredibly young--including the captain.

Molly's face held a myriad of reactions to the arrival of Tiberius and Malekai. She didn't know the Doctor as well, but had been aware, from her earlier conversation with the newly minted Captain, that he was going to be stepped into this position after the resignation of the former CMO. She swallowed hard, watching Tiberius in his element before scanning the room. It hadn't occurred to her that not everyone here was up to date on the happenings of the day and their new appointments.

Tiberius pulled up the roster on the viewscreen to see the information inputted on the senior staff manifest, "As of this moment the Sagitta needs to be repaired and upgraded with new sensor package as we'll be running RECON assignments along the former Cardassian-Federation border. I'm not sure how long the repairs and the necessary upgrades will take. After speaking with Doctor Ra-Havatreii and Counsellor Decan we will be ramping up mental health initiatives across the ship. And physical evaluations for all senior staff will be mandatory while we are docked at Starbase 129 starting with myself. Any questions?"

"Two questions, if I may?" T'Varis inquired. "First, I take it you are now the official captain of Sagitta? Also, what should our repair priorities be?" What she really wanted to ask was how the tribunal--for that is what it had been--had gone, but she withheld her curious side from asking; such information was both personal and sensitive, and, she had to remind herself, just because she was now a senior officer, that didn't mean she was privy to it.

Listening to the questions, Decan cocked his head to the side and turned to wait for Grayson's response.

"Yes to your first question... I'll be Acting," which he added extra emphasis too, "Commanding Officer until Starfleet Command has found a... permanent... Commanding Officer... until that time I'll be Captain. Mister Howe in that time has agreed to be my Number One." He looked over at Mal offering him a smile before returning to Lieutenant T'Varis, "As for the repair priorities, I'm hoping the two of us will set down with the Fleet Yard Chief tomorrow. Let's be there early, I'm sure the CFYO is quite busy with a bunch of ongoing repairs on other ships."

"My thoughts exactly. I will aim for meeting you outside his office between 08:00 and 08:20, Captain?"

Tiberius simply nodded his head in agreement.

Privately, T'Varis vowed to bring coffee--it tended to help in these situations to bring a gift, even a small one.

When the conversation lulled Molly stuck her hand up, a hold over from school aged days. Cheeks flushing she lowered it quickly. "How would you like us to proceed with directing staff to the counseling services if needed?" she asked. "Some may choose to go of their own volition, but the science department is feeling Commander Sitol's loss keenly and there may be others who need... some nudging."

Tiberius looked over at Molly, "I don't have any directives dealing with this at this time. I do want them to get the assistance from Counsellor Decan and his staff." He looked over to Decan, "How would you like us to go about that?"

"As I have said in the past, grief counseling will only work if treatment is voluntary. People grieve in various ways and must be allowed to come to terms with their personal grief in their own time." The Vulcan stated, matter of factly. "That said, should their grief interfere with their respective duties, senior staff may recommend them to my office. We will make it a priority to have available counselors, and I plan to organize group counseling should that be a service wanted."

Malekai spoke up, "That seems prudent."

"I thought so as well," Decan said, with distinct Vulcan smugness.

Molly nodded but kept quiet otherwise. It was hard not to feel out of her depth even among so many others who found themselves in a similar position.

Tiberius looked over at Molly giving her a slight reassuring smile before his eyes turned around the table, "Is there anything else the senior staff would like to discuss before dismissing you all?"

"I realize that we will be very busy, getting Sagitta ready to leave port, but I would like to try and arrange a small... get-together or dinner before we leave--even a temporary staff such as ours must form bonds of loyalty and perhaps friendship to work effectively," T'Varis spoke up. "If we wish to proceed, I would be happy to handle such a gathering."

"I think that'll help with morale. I suggest speaking with Counselor Decan more on that and touching base with Mister Howe if you require any assistance making plans for it. Otherwise, this briefing has concluded. Thank you, everyone."

Malekai rose with his usual stiff sharpness, tugged on his tunic, and put his hands behind his back. "Captain," he nodded once at the man as they were dismissed. He turned attention to the others, "Mental health in mind, we also have a ship to see repaired, refueled and re-supplied."

"A dinner sounds like splendid idea, Lieutenant," Jirin said to T'Varis as he rose from his chair. "Many a diplomatic deal has been struck around a dinner table and, as you say, we could certainly use some friendship and cameraderie during these times."

"True--I'll be in touch," was T'Varis's response.

Molly was slower to rise than the others, meeting Malekai's eyes as his attention moved from person to person. She offered the Betazoid a small smile and a nod of understanding, wanting to be sure his words were acknowledged. Once he had moved on from her, though, her attention went to Tiberius, finding herself unsure of whether to simply head about her business or wait.

Tiberius watched the rest of the senior staff he had assembled in a few hours. There were some vacancies for top billed positions that he most likely would have to fill before they departed on their first mission together. He hadn't noticed Molly had stayed behind.


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